Make it right

Working with an interior designer makes a job successful by saving clients time and money. At Suite Artistry, our experience and resourcefulness can help make a meticulous process a bit less daunting. We’re always working to stay current with products and connect personally with vendors and suppliers, so when we meet you and learn what you’re looking for, we know what’s going to fit best with your project. Because with the right team and the right creative energy in place, partnerships become about collaboration, and your choices—the things that are possible in your space—are more exciting than ever.

Make it ethical

At Suite Artistry, we hold our interior design to high standards, and do the same for our business practices. We are committed to clear pricing structures and fair and equitable behavior toward each other and everyone we work with. We make it our business to know current codes, adhere to them, and communicate their impact clearly to our clients. We only engage with vendors, suppliers, and organizations who share our commitment to ethical business conduct and honest relationships.

Make it sustainable

We believe interior design is sustainable by nature. That’s why every space we create is designed not only for the people who will use it right now, but also for those who will join and adapt to that space in the future. With our background in environmental design, we know the best-designed homes, rooms, and furniture grow with you and your ever-evolving needs. It is possible to honor pieces from the past even as we pursue the best that modern style can offer. Careful research into products, materials, and the environmental policies of suppliers can help us better match our services with the values and budgets of our clients.

In addition to sourcing products that meet your green standards, Suite Artistry can help you recycle, donate, or sell existing cabinetry and fixtures—including working with Habitat for Humanity—to keep them in use and out of landfill after your project is complete.

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What We Do


Residential Interior Design

Our passion for fine interiors is rooted in residential design. The rooms of your home reflect who you are and what you care about. We create spaces that embrace memories and mementoes—and leave room for the new ones you’ll collect.


Commercial Interior Design

Suite Artistry provides exceptional space planning and functionality to user-friendly kitchen and bath showroom spaces for the trade. We also collaborate with partners Space@Work to help meet the interior design requirements of businesses and organizations large and small.


Compact Kitchen Design

Big things start at only two feet wide. Add an heirloom-quality compact kitchen or module with state-of the-art appliances just about anywhere in your home or office. Tell us your needs and wants and we’ll customize a design to suit your specifications.


Custom Furniture

From cabinetry, millwork, and dining furniture to custom closets, soft furnishings, lighting, art, and so much more, we can help find just the right combination of style, material, and color for the pieces that will define and anchor your rooms.